AmeriCorps VISTA: Brittany Burns

AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) members are placed at the National Network for Arab American Communities' (NNAAC) member organizations to develop new programs, recruit volunteers and seek program funding. 

Get to know Brittany Burns, one of our 2016-17 AmeriCorps VISTA members, in our interview with her below!


Brittany Burns

PROPEL (Providing Real Opportunities by Partnering with Experienced Leaders) | Toledo, Ohio


Q: Why did you join the VISTA program?

A:  I reached the point in my career where doing the type of meaningful work I'm interested in was more important than the size of my paycheck.

Q: What personal or professional goals do you want to achieve during this program?

A:  I hope to push myself outside my comfort zone to gain skills I've carefully avoided in the past (such as volunteer recruitment and networking). I think if I do that, everything else will follow naturally.  

Q: How does this program fit into your future plans?

A: I hope that having some formal work experience in the nonprofit world will help push me over the hump to get, finally, a paying job with an international NGO. Ideally I'd go back to Italy, but I'm not that picky. 

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: Polyglot, Analytical, Traveler. 


At each host organization, VISTA members will either develop a new program, or build the reach and scope of an already existing program. VISTA members will be involved in grant writing and fundraising for employment programs, and will recruit a corps of volunteers to continue with the program beyond the VISTA cycle. Click here to learn more.

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