Applying for NNAAC Membership

Eligible organizations interested in becoming a member of the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC) can submit their application by Sept. 30, 2019 for fall review. 

Is your organization interested in NNAAC membership?  See our benefits and membership criteria below. FAQs for interested organizations.

Though we work collaboratively with a broad range of organizations in several program areas, participation in some programs is reserved for NNAAC members. These benefits include:

  • Capacity building grants
  • Professional development scholarships
  • Underwriting to attend some national events
  • Participation in our Transformative Leaders Fellowship program
  • In-depth consulting service
  • Participation in other national programs as funding allows
  • Exclusive access to peer networking opportunities
  • Resources and support for advocacy efforts and voter engagement initiatives
  • A voice in setting the advocacy agenda of NNAAC and other planning

Eligibility Criteria

Secular and faith-based organizations who meet the following criteria are encouraged to contact NNAAC about membership:

  • An independent Arab American community-based organization with an identifiable constituency and majority Arab American representation among the leadership of the organization and the populations served.
  • 501(c)(3) status, or in the process of attaining 501(c)(3) status
  • A clear service, culture, or advocacy mission directed at the needs of the local Arab American community
  • A governance structure that includes a board of directors, transparent financial practices and bylaws that enumerate a productive, community-building agenda
  • Commitment to the spirit and mission of NNAAC through an inclusive approach to service provision, arts & culture, or advocacy
  • Willingness to share financial information with NNAAC’s advisory board for consideration to join the NNAAC
  • Payment of an annual membership dues  
  • Signing a memorandum of understanding with NNAAC

Membership Application Process

Interested organizations should begin by contacting Shireen Smalley, NNAAC Organizational Development Manager, at  [email protected] for a discussion.  The next step is completing the NNAAC Membership Application

Upon receiving the application, NNAAC staff will contact you to discuss your application and schedule a site visit.  After all information is received and the site visit is completed, the application is reviewed by the NNAAC Advisory Board for a decision on acceptance.  Applications are considered once per year, and must be submitted by Sept. 30 for review at the fall Advisory Board meeting.

Emerging organizations that are in the process of development and may not yet meet all the eligibility criteria are encouraged to contact NNAAC to discuss how we can be of assistance with capacity building.

What about National Organizations?

NNAAC creates meaningful partnerships with national organizations and works collaboratively on issues of concern to our community. We have strong working relationships with many national partners, including those from the Arab American, civil rights, and immigrant rights communities. Though national organizations are not eligible for membership in the Network, they partner in a variety of capacities, including partnering on key national events and campaigns, facilitating collaboration between local chapters of national organizations and members of NNAAC, or even participation on the advisory board.

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