Arab-American Cultural and Community Center of Houston elects new executive board

The Arab-American Cultural and Community Center (ACC), based in Houston, Texas, was recently featured in the news for its election of a new executive committee. 


“The ACC accomplished many things in 2014 and we anticipate that 2015 will be even better,” announced newly elected ACC President Kamal Khalil, according to The Arab Daily News.

The ACC is a nonprofit organization that serves the Arab American and greater community in Houston, regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender or financial status, through cultural programs, outreach and social services while serving as a liaison and resource center. 

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The ACC sent a letter to the community highlighting the achievements over the previous years. An excerpt from the letter reads:

The achievements and the acclaims that the ACC has received in the last two years are heart-warming, encouraging and motivating, especially during such challenging times. Like never before, the Houston community, witnessed a series of events that furthered our mission; events highlighting Education, Arabic language, culture and artists, a testimony to what we are truly all about including humanitarian efforts that touch our community here and abroad.

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