NNAAC joins coalition of 75 organizations protesting anti-Muslim government training materials

The National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC), was one of 75 organizations to sign a letter to The White House in response to a recent article about NSA spying on Muslim American leaders. 

Published in July by The Intercept, the article highlights the latest, troubling example of virulently anti-Muslim trainings and discriminatory conduct by government officials. The article references a memo where law enforcement and/or intelligence agents and officials use a religious slur as a placeholder the name of surveillance targets.


The letter urges The White House to address these problematic, anti-Muslim materials. “The time is now for the administration to go beyond mere assurances of reform and take concrete, corrective action to make these trainings and materials consistent with our American values and protect Americans from real threats.”

Muslim Advocates have published a list of valuable resources and information that outlines the history of this problem, which can be read here

Read the letter from coalition of 75 organization urging The White House to address anti-Muslim training materials.



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