Hanna Madkour - MIZNA

University & Major/Degree

University of Minnesota- International Relations & Middle Eastern Studies

Why did you join the Leadership Fellowship?

I joined the Leadership Fellowship as a way to push myself in a number of ways- as a leader, as an Arab American, as a woman, and as an endlessly curious individual who wants to generate change in our community.

What is your favorite quality about your host-site organization?

My favorite quality about my host organization is that it creates a space for Arabs and Arab Americans that counters stereotypes and allows us to tell our own stories in beautiful, diverse, and creative ways.

What is your favorite part overall about the fellowship?

My favorite part about this fellowship is meeting and connecting with other young Arabs who are also passionate about community, activism, and change-making.

How does this program fit into your future plans?

This program fits into my future plans because I'm learning about the many aspects of non-profit work, ranging from communications to event planning and management- which are useful in any workplace because of the emphasis on hard work and a willingness to always be learning.

What is a personal goal that you would like to achieve?

A personal goal of mine is to become more comfortable with the idea of myself not only as a leader, but as a visible member of my local Arab community- and as someone who is not afraid to advocate on behalf of this community.

What is a professional goal that you would like to achieve?

A professional goal of mine is to learn how to use empathy and interpersonal skills in a way that builds connections with many people across a variety of professional fields.

Why do you think programs like this are important?

I think programs like this fellowship are extremely important because they empower young Arabs in their ability to grow and thrive in leadership positions, which actively counters stereotypes.

How do you plan to use the skills and experiences you gain through this fellowship, in the future?

I plan on using these skills and experiences to become more confident in my own abilities and translating them to whatever work environment I find myself in in the future.

Describe yourself in three words.

Genuine, light-hearted, curious.

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