Hate crimes? 'Not in Our Town'! [Workshop at #ArabAmericanSummit]


Slurs spray-painted at the Islamic School of Rhode Island in February. Photo courtesy of the Providence Journal

The reality of hate and bullying is far too real. How can communities come together to respond to and prevent hate crimes? After 20 years of making films about people responding to hate in their communities, Not in Our Town has honed a strategy of media and engagement to bring together allies and promote a sustainable approach for preventing hate and bullying.

The Arab American Summit will feature the workshop "Not in Our Town: Innovative Responses to Hate Crimes." Learn how to collaborate across faith groups, schools, law enforcement and the civic sector.  Leaders will share the challenges in preventing hate and bullying, while detailing the role media can play in supporting these efforts. This is a successful model of how communities can work together to be safer and more inclusive.

The facilitators are Not in Our Town's Patrice O’Neill, CEO/Executive Producer, and Cassandra Belson, Community Engagement Manager. 

The Arab American Summit, a biennial conference on Arab American issues, is a two-day symposium for leaders, advocates, students, activists and allies to gather from across the country. The Summit will feature forums on issues facing the Arab American community and strategies for overcoming them; workshops on nonprofit management, leadership, activism and advocacy; as well as a customized track for high school students.

Registration is now open! Click here for more information and to take advantage of the early bird rates. 

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