Maram Othman - Arab American Family Services

University & Major/Degree

College of DuPage/DePaul University - Pre Law

Why did you join the Leadership Fellowship?

I joined the leadership fellowship because I viewed it as an amazing opportunity to learn, aid, and understand my Arab American community on a deeper level.

What is your favorite quality about your host-site organization?

Working with an Arab American organization, I naturally thought that we would be solely helping the Arab American community. Not even an hour into my first day, I realized how wrong I was. My organization helps any and all community members no matter their race. It really warms my heart seeing my fellow Arab Americans address the needs and concerns of everyone in our community.

What is your favorite part overall about the fellowship?

My favorite part about this fellowship is communicating and interacting with the other young fellows. Seeing how such young minds are already starting to cause positive impacts on our communities is so exciting and rewarding.

How does this program fit into your future plans?

I plan on attending Law school and securing a J.D. degree. I hope to use my education and skills to help my community and the Arab Americans around me grow. My hopes as a lawyer are simply to help those who need it on a professional level. This program is helping me understand the needs, concerns, and struggles of my community. Not only do I get the pleasure of solving some of their problems now, but I also get an idea of the many things I hope to accomplish in the future.

What is a personal goal that you would like to achieve?

A personal goal of mine is simply to help/touch the life of one person. Obviously I plan on helping as many people in my community as I can during these nine months. However, if I can leave a big impact on even one person I will feel accomplished.

What is a professional goal that you would like to achieve?

Professionally, I hope to connect with many supporters of my host-site organization. Networking and having contacts in my community has always been very helpful in my endeavors and I plan on expanding the list of professionals that I can lean on for support and help.

Why do you think programs like this are important?

Programs like the NNAAC leadership fellowship are extremely eye-opening. They are crucial for educating the youth of our communities and giving them a push in the right direction to changing the future of our country. Programs like these secure a prominent future for minority groups all over our country; they ensure that our voices are in good hands when it is time for young, diverse Americans to lead.

How do you plan to use the skills and experiences you gain through this fellowship, in the future?

I plan on using the experiences I gain from this fellowship as ideas for what I hope to change in the future. I want to use these experiences as learning lessons and use what I learn from them to power to my future plans. From this fellowship, I hope to learn how to easily communicate and understand all of my community members, specifically Arab Americans. I plan on keeping these communication skills in the future to continue addressing their concerns, struggles, and needs.

Describe yourself in three words.

Outgoing, determined, and understanding.

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