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For centuries, in the time-honored tradition ofhakawati, storytelling been an important part of Arab culture – a way to pass along our history and maintain the strong bonds of family and community. Since 9/11, the pace and volume of the media has given others the platform to tell our stories. Now, through NNAAC and its network of grassroots community organizations, we will reclaim our narrative and tell our own stories of what it’s like to be Arab American in a post 9/11 world

Through video, audio, poetry, artwork and more, you can add your experience to a broader body of Arab American work that will represent both the unity and the diversity of this extraordinary community. We will create a digital archive of shared experiences, spotlighting a different piece of work to highlight each week on the website and to promote through social and other media.

Please add your voice today. Here’s how:

Think about what defines your Arab American experience. Some things you might include are:

  • What experiences have shaped you; Have you experienced Islamophobia or bias because of your ethnicity, race or gender?
  • What stereotypes you would like to dispel
  • What changes you would like to see in our society and our communities
  • What makes you proud of your heritage and culture

Consider a cross-generational narrative – interview a parent, grandparent or someone else within in your family or community.

Create a poem, letter, visual art, audio or video recording that represents your story. Recordings should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Upload your video and/or artwork to YouTube with the title: My Arab Story 2012. Include a name, city/state, age. Forward the link to Ameerah, Gillespie,[email protected].

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