NNAAC demands justice for Freddie Gray

The National Network for Arab American Communities stands in solidarity with the Baltimore community and joins the calls demanding justice for Freddie Gray. We urge the Baltimore Police Department to provide much needed answers to the Gray family and the community at large. Police violence is a national epidemic and it is incumbent on all people of conscious to demand the end of police brutality, demand accountability and transparency of all law enforcement agencies. We must work to rebuild trust between communities and law enforcement to ensure the safety of all Americans. 

Most often, the murder of unarmed civilian begins with racial profiling and is why for the past 14 years, the National Network for Arab American Communities has supported the End Racial Profiling Act and is working to pass this federal legislation. All people deserve to live freely with dignity and respect and not fear law enforcement officers who have sworn to protect and serve them. We also acknowledge the intersections between police violence, racial inequality, and poverty and that we must address these issues holistically. NNAAC is committed to justice and equality for all people.  

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