Our Work

NNAAC is the only network of its kind that connects Arab American community-based organizations nationally.  In order to achieve its mission of building and developing independent nonprofits, NNAAC maintains three programs: Capacity Building, Advocacy & Civic Engagement (ACE), and Youth & Community Service. 


NNAAC increases the capacity of our member organizations through our Capacity Building program, which provides organizational development services with the goal of strengthening and empowering member organizations to be more stable, well-managed nonprofit organizations. This program enables our member organizations to provide better services to their local communities. Strategies include extensive one-on-one technical assistance, trainings, and webinars. Click here for more on NNAAC's Capacity  Building Program. 


NNAAC’s Advocacy & Civic Engagement (ACE) program utilizes the collective power of NNAAC members to address issues of concern on the national level. We place a firm emphasis on listening to and assessing the grassroots community needs and then addressing those needs through policy forums, meetings with nationally elected and administrative officials, collaborations with allied organizations, an annual Arab American Advocacy week in Washington, D.C., and nation-wide advocacy campaigns, among other things. Click here for more on NNAAC's Advocacy & Civic Engagement Program.


In its Youth and Community Service program, NNAAC encourages volunteerism in the Arab American community, including youth leadership development. Two highlights of this initiative are National Arab American Service Day and the Transformative Fellowship Program (formerly the Youth Fellowship Program) for current Arab American college students or recent graduates interested in non-profit work. Click here for more on NNAAC's Youth & Community Service Program. 


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