National Arab American Service Day

ServiceDay1.jpgNNAAC works to engage Arab Americans in community service to create stronger communities and make connections among neighbors. NNAAC and its members are uniquely positioned to promote volunteerism and community engagement, as the majority of our members began as volunteer-led organizations and continue to engage new volunteers daily. NNAAC’s most prominent community service program is our annual National Arab American Service Day.


National Arab American Service Day encourages Arab American communities to give back through service, fostering a culture of leadership, community engagement, and volunteerism. Held in the spring of each year, organizations from various cities establish local partnerships and organize unique projects under the motto of “Serving Communities, Connecting People.” 

On May 14, 2016, NNAAC held its 12th annual National Arab American Service Day. We’re proud to say that it was a success! Nearly 2,000 volunteers nationwide took part in 10 states across the country, including the District of Columbia. Each participating group organized a unique project responding to different community needs. Our projects included a high school makeover in Detroit; a clothing drive for Syrian refugees in Chicago; beach cleanups in California, Illinois, and Boston; creating hygiene kits for the homeless in D.C.; packing meals for the hungry in Texas and so much more. 

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