Tell your governor to say yes to refugees

If your governor has remained silent and has not yet expressed support for Syrian refugees, call on him or her to publicly promise to welcome all refugees, including Syrians, by sending a letter and tweet (see below) today. Find a list of governors who have remained silent and their contact information at the bottom of this page.

Sample Letter

Governor [name of your governor]

State of [name of state]

State Capital Building

[City, State, Zip]


Dear Governor [name of your governor],

I call on you to publicly declare your commitment to continue to provide sanctuary for Syrian refugees in our state.

As Americans, our role is to provide for those in need, especially displaced peoples, who are overwhelmingly underserved and disproportionately victims of violence.  These communities have long been embedded into the fabric of this country, and have contributed to the success of our nation in innumerable ways.

I—along with the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC), and its Campaign to TAKE ON HATE—need you, in your role as our elected representative, to support Syrians’ right to refuge. You must act now.


[insert name/title/organization here]


Sample Tweet

[Insert governor's Twitter handle] Please do your part and publicly promise to continue welcoming Syrian and all refugees #RefugeesWelcome @NNAAC @takeonhate 



Colorado- John Hickenlooper



Iowa – Terry Branstad



Missouri – Jay Nixon



Nevada – Brian Sandoval



North Dakota Jack Dalrymple



Utah- Gary Herbert



Virginia – Terry McAuliffe


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