Who are the Haters and Who Cares? [Workshop at #ArabAmericanSummit]

We stand up to bigotry and vow to #TAKEONHATE every day, but who exactly are we up against? What kind of impact do haters have on Arab and Muslim Americans, and how can they be stopped? Attend The Arab American Summit, Nov. 7 and 8 in Dearborn, Mich., for a workshop facilitated by Center for New Community on Who are the Haters and Who Cares?  


A protester holds up crumpled pages of the Quran in front of supporters of a Phoenix, Ariz. mosque in May. Photo courtesy of AFP

Nativism is the political position of demanding a favored status for certain established inhabitants of a nation as compared to the claims of newcomers or immigrants.  The workshop will discuss the nativist movement and its impact, including on Arab and Muslim communities. Participants will learn techniques to combat nativism in their work and in their communities.

Center for New Community tracks organized bigotry and equips grassroots movements to mobilize a powerful force for justice, fairness, and opportunity. The Center is committed to countering  racism and bigotry in America. It was founded on the principle that a concerted, long-term effort to address issues of social, economic and racial justice is both necessary and achievable.

The Arab American Summit, a biennial conference on Arab American issues, will convene leaders, advocates, students, activists and allies from across the country. The Summit will feature forums on issues facing the Arab American community and strategies for overcoming them; workshops on nonprofit management, leadership, activism and advocacy; as well as a customized track for high school students.

Registration is now open! Click here for more information and to take advantage of the early bird rates. 

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