Zaynab Fayad - Access California Services

University & Major/Degree

California State University, Fullerton - Communication with an emphasis in public relations

Why did you join the Leadership Fellowship?

I joined because I really wanted to give back to a community that represents me. I felt that this fellowship would be a great opportunity to broaden my horizons and give me a good insight into the type of work I may be doing in the future.

What is your favorite quality about your host-site organization?

I admire AccessCal's charitable work ethic towards the underserved community. They really provide much-needed services amongst the community that are often overlooked. And I take pride in now being a part of an organization that brings so much good to others in need.

What is your favorite part overall about the fellowship?

The nation-wide networking and connections I have built throughout the fellowship. I know I will carry these relationships and memories with me forever.

How does this program fit into your future plans?

I have always wanted to do something that would keep me intact with the Arab community. I believe this program will open many opportunities for me to apply my skills and passions.

What is a personal goal that you would like to achieve?

I would love to be able to impact an individual's life throughout my community. To be a useful presence in another person's life is one goal I aspire to achieve.

What is a professional goal that you would like to achieve?

Expand professional knowledge and training while gaining experience in a field I am studying and intend to be a part of in my future endeavors.

Why do you think programs like this are important?

Programs like these are so important because they showcase work that gets put into maintaining a community. Most of the time, all the "behind the scenes" efforts are often neglected. Speaking from personal experience, I never even knew of AccessCal or the service they provide until I personally got involved. As one of many Arabs in my generation who were born and raised in the United States, we neglect how challenging it is to leave your home country and start a new life thousands of miles away from what you know. There is a social, mental, and financial burden they carry on their shoulders as they sit amongst the rest of our community and to have a place like Access assess their needs and provide proper servicing is astonishing.

How do you plan to use the skills and experiences you gain through this fellowship, in the future?

The leadership skills I have retained from this fellowship will last with me through many personal and professional trials. I am very fortunate to gain this experience in such a reputable organization.

Describe yourself in three words.

Determined, kind, logical

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